Professionalism in Renovation (USG BORAL}

Professionalism in Renovation With


Friday, 24 February 2017 saw a full house attendance at a special workshop organized jointly by RADAC-USGBoral. RADAC Accredited Renovators were among the first member group to learn more about drywall and ceiling products that are in use increasingly in the newly built HDB units as well as in private condominiums. Attendees learnt of the new products and the technology used in these products.

 Unlike conventional walls and ceilings built under traditional wet methods, these new product systems offer a fast and cleaner method, better acoustical and insulation properties as well as design flexibility and aesthetics. Product choices can include healthcare, impact, fire and moisture resistant properties.

Property owners will benefit more from Renovators accredited with RADAC. These diligent renovators are trained and equipped with a professional understanding of the optimal product system selection, correct installation methods, replacement and repair of drywall systems apply professional product design into their newly renovated properties. These owners can be better assured, knowing that their invested properties enjoy the science and benefits of today’s system and solutions.

 This is yet another RADAC initiative to ensure RADAC's Accredited Renovators continue to remain updated and professional. Accredited renovators under RADAC can expect more workshop sessions to help hone both their knowledge and skills on new products and technology applications.