Past Chairman's Foreword

As a time measure, RADAC is at one-third of a century. In a generation of maturity, RADAC is embarking on an exercise of re-branding to be more relevant with the ever evolving trends of the living environment, both at home and abroad.
At the beginning, our accredited renovators concentrated on “servicing” the public sector. They gradually grew and significantly raised our segment of the national economy to new heights. There is every reason to stake a claim here that responsible accredited renovators have been “renovating society” with the skills at their disposal. It then follows that outstanding works of our accredited renovators will be duly recognized with “decorations” bestowed.  
It is also timely to re-highlight that every one of our accredited renovators has a responsibility to society, that we deliver competent and quality advisory at the start of a project – and of course with laudable workmanship. Upon completion of a project, we maintain a personal relationship that could lead to the summit of your dream. Along the way, one usually gets compensated. Human nature is the same the world over.  
Do not bother about people who judge you without knowing you. As the saying goes “Dogs bark if they do not know the person”.  
To crown this foreword, we take pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr. Edward Tan as our Executive Director. He has responded to our persuasion to come on board to co-ordinate our efforts to actively and meaningfully ensure that we lead from the front. Mr. Edward Tan is expected soon to be on the road to galvanize people in our segment of the national economy to be a force to be reckoned with due respect.  
We welcome people within the industry, supporters, as well as well-wishers to communicate with us to contribute towards the growth of this beautiful industry.  
Ng Soo Siah
Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre