RECAP Program


The RECAP (Renovation Conciliation and Arbitration Procedure Programme) provides users a quick and amiable means of resolving disputes without resorting to the courts. Set up in July 1995 with Singapore International Arbitration Centre, RECAP saves its users time and money, as disputes are likely to be resolved within a month.

The low fees and quick settlement often take the heat out of the disputes and help ensure that renovators stay on the job while the consumers feel their grievances have been given a fair hearing leading to win-win situation for both parties.

Before a complaint can be submitted for Conciliation by the consumer to RADAC, the consumer must have first taken the complaint, in writing sent by registered post, to the highest authority within the Contractor’s firm, i.e. the principal partner, director or manager and the Contractor’s firm should have been given the opportunity at this level to deal with the complaint.


Disagreement / Dispute
1. Homeowner writes a letter sent by Advice of Receipt Registered post, to the highest authority within the Contractors' firm. The Contractors' firm should be given the opportunity at this level to deal with the complaint.
2. Did the Accredited Renovator reply?
Yes : Negotiate with the Accredited Renovator for the resolution

1. Make an official complaint to RADAC for mediation arrangement if the contract has not exceeded one year from the date signed
2. Submit the duly completed complaint form together with the following documents:
    a. Quotation/Invoice/Contract
    b. Photo (if applicable)
    c. Admin fee of S$50.00
    d. Any other relevant document
3. Mediation session will be arranged by RADAC. Both parties will be informed within a week.
4. Mediation
5. Site Inspection (When necessary and is carry out only after the mediation session. Both parties are to pay S$950.00 each prior to the site inspection)

Further administrative details of the RECAP Programme may be obtained from the RADAC Resource Centre.