Application For Accreditation


1. Practising renovation and decoration contractors are invited to be registered as accredited renovators.
2. Terms and Conditions for Registration
        a. The Contractor must be a person who registered his business with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and has sufficient funds and capacity to carry out renovation and decoration work of an acceptable quality.
        b. The Contractor must observe and abide by the Singapore Renovation and Decoration Code of Practice.
        c. The Contractor must have:
            # 3 years' experience and licensed by Housing Development Board (HDB); OR
            # 3 years' experience and registred as a qualified professional interior designer; OR 
            # 3 years' experience as a contractor and registered under the following categories:
                - Refurbishment (all general renovation, etc)
                - Electrical and Lighting Fittings
                - Sanitary and Plumbing Fixtures
                - Air-Conditioning
                - Furniture and Fittings
                - Finishing (Ceiling, Walls)
                - Finishing (Tiling, Marble)
                - Building Materials Suppliers
                - Curtains, Wallpapers, etc
        d. The Contractor must be covered under the Third Party Liability Insurance/Public Liability Insurance for a minimum sum of S$200,000.00 per annum.
3. Method of Application
    Application forms are obtainable at S$5.00 each from RADAC Resource Centre at:
    Blk 165 Bukit Merah Central #08-3673 S(150165)  Tel: 6565 9929  Fax: 6565 3271
 4. Fee
    Registration Fee: S$100.00 (non-refundable)
    Accreditation Fee per year: S$800.00

Note: All successful applicants are required to undergo a Certificate Course conducted by RADAC.

Procedure for Applying RADAC Accreditation

Purchase RADAC Application Form and Code of Practice for S$5.00

Submission Requirements for RADAC Accreditation
Documents to be furnished are as follows:

  •     Completed and duly endorsed RADAC application form
  •     Up-to-date certified true copy of the instant information service printout from the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) giving details of the firm's  status, share allotment and particulars of proprietors/partners/directors and managers
  •     Minimum 2 invoices per year for renovation works executed during the past 3 years with each contract sum amounting to not less than S$20,000.00
  •     Latest photocopies of the following for the past 2 years
  •     Audited financial reports or bank statements and income tax returns or other relevant document that will clearly certify the financial position of the applicant
  •     Duly endorsed letters from suppliers of building materials purchased and credit facilities where applicable
  •     Employees' CPF contribution statements for the last 3 months
  •     Certified true copy of the HDB licence, if there is any
  •     Photocopy of the Third Party Liability Insurance/Public Liability Insurance certificate (with a minimum sum insured of S$200,000.00) and
  •     Issue a cheque of S$100 for Application Fee (non-refundable) to Renovation And Decoration Advisory Centre
  •     Should the company applying for RADAC accreditation not able to furnish any one of the documents as mentioned above, it is required for the company to submit a letter stating the reason(s)


  •     Successful applicants will be contacted for acceptance of RADAC Accreditation
  •     It is also required to send a company representative to attend RADAC Certificate Course for SMEs

Annual Accreditation S$800 (company will be issued with certificate of registration and RADAC decal)