Our Milestones



Message from Mr S Dhanabalan
Minister for National Development

Good prospects exist for the renovation and decoration industry in Singapore. The current trend among new home buyers, and existing home owners, is to spare no cost in renovating their homes.

Unfortunately, many renovation contractors fail in providing good, let alone excellent, work. This is due to many factors, including the lack of any standard code of practice in the industry.

RADAC has attempted to rectify this situation by setting a code of practice for its members. However, it has yet to succeed in bringing the majority of the 1,500 renovation firms in the industry under its wing.

For RADAC to be effective, it must represent a significant majority of the firms in the industry to join the council. It must also persuade consumers to only employ RADAC members if they want good work. Only then can RADAC fulfill its goal of upgrading and maintaining high standards of practice among renovation contractors.

I wish RADAC every success in achieving this goal.

Message from Dr Tan Cheng Bock
- MP for Ayer Rajah Constituency
- Chairman, GPC, National Development
- Chairman, Jurong East Town Council

I am pleased to write this message of congratulations to RADAC and its members in the Renovation and Decoration Industry on its Fifth Anniversary Celebrations.

I am told that five years ago on 4th January 1986, in response to the numerous complaints received by CASE over the years, the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Council (RADAC) was set up. The aim was to provide consumers with higher standards of hassle free renovations to their homes. Thus, RADAC plays a vital role for consumers in its attempts towards providing reliable contractors and offering a conciliatory service should things go awry between its members and consumers.

RADAC is also actively working towards promoting even higher standards among its members through pamphlets, journals and lectures and seminars on various aspects of the renovation and decoration trade.

Close ties are being maintained with the CIDB on training courses to upgrade the skills of workmen in the renovation industry. Plans also include study tours overseas to familiarize contractors with countries that have established high standards of workmanship.

In the long term, RADAC will continually monitor the developments in the renovation industry. The objectives are to review the needs of consumers and contractors and work towards a system that can result in more satisfied customers.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.


Message from Dr Richard Hu
Minister for Finance & National Development
on the Official Opening of The RADAC Resource Centre

Since its formation by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) in 1986, the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Council (RADAC) has played a major role in providing guidance, information and protection to consumers on matters relating to renovation and decoration of homes. RADAC has also been active in promoting high standards of conduct and practice within the renovation and decoration industry through the advice and assistance it provides to its members.

The official opening of the RADAC Resource Centre marks another milestone in RADAC’s record of public service to consumers. The Resource Centre will provide home owners with a convenient one-stop service for their renovation and decoration needs, thus enabling RADAC to better meet the needs of both discerning home owners and members of the trade.

I extend my heartiest congratulation to CASE and RADAC on the official opening of the RADAC Resource Centre.



Speech from Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman
Parliamentary Secretary
National Development

It is my pleasure to be here today for the launch of the 20th Anniversary Directory of the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC). The Directory, called the Singapore National Registry of Accredited Renovators 2006 will be a useful reference for homeowners looking for accredited renovators to carry out renovation works. As homeowners have become more sophisticated over the years, there is increasing demand for quality workmanship and professionalism in the renovation work. RADAC plays an important role in promoting and upholding the image and standards of the renovation industry. With its vision To pursue a high quality of renovation work in Singapore homes at affordable cost, consumers look to RADAC to ensure that accredited renovators are reliable, cost-effective and provide high standards of workmanship and service.

Since its formation in 1986, RADAC has worked to provide guidance and protection to consumers on renovation matters. It has worked to familiarize members of the public with renovation issues, and organised educational talks and seminars for both consumers and renovators. Through its mediation services, RADAC has helped many consumers resolve their renovation disputes with accredited renovators.

I am glad to note that RADAC has many plans in store for the future, such as organising the RADAC Home & Decor Exhibition annually, and tying up with banks to provide renovation loans. Other than providing these services, RADAC can also do more to promote the standards of quality and professionalism of the industry. According to CASE, there are many complaints against renovation contractors annually. While these problems are likely to be caused by a number of black sheep, such dishonest contractors or those who are slipshod in their work can affect the industry as a whole. These incidents will undermine the relationship of trust between homeowners and contractors.

RADAC must strive to ensure that members of the industry continue to act responsibly to avoid the image of the industry from being tarnished.

For example, the skills of workmen will have to be continually upgraded through training courses. RADAC must ensure that its accredited renovators comply strictly with its Code of Practice, and maintain stringent criteria when accrediting contractors. Only then can RADAC hope to win the trust of consumers that they can provide quality work. With more than 80% of Singapore's population housed in HDB flats, it is important that RADAC familiarizes its accredited renovators with the HDB Registered Renovation Contractors' Scheme and other relevant regulations and requirements. As Singaporeans become more affluent, their lifestyle expectations have also increased.

This offers both an opportunity and a challenge for the renovation industry. On one hand, there will be greater demands for quality work in home renovation; whilst on the other, contractors will now have the opportunity to offer more exciting renovation ideas to homeowners.

It is my hope that RADAC and its accredited renovators will rise to meet the expectations of our consumers in the pursuit of their perfect home, and go one step further to make dream homes a reality.

Message from Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed
Mayor, North East Community Development Council District

Warmest congratulations to RADAC on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary. I am pleased to know that RADAC not only provide a useful renovation and furnishing guide to all new homeowners in this publication, but it also plays an important role in the mediation of renovation disputes for Singaporeans.

I believe that homeowners should have reference to your directory before engaging in any renovation work for their homes. RADAC is managed by lawyers, architects, quantity surveyors and managers on a voluntary basis.; to ensure that Singaporeans can upgrade their homes with peace of mind, with work that is carried out by Accredited Renovators.

As Mayor of the North East CDC District, I congratulate RADAC for their unselfish work for the community and sincerely wish its Council Members and Accredited Renovators the very best in the years to come.

Message from Mr Joseph John
Small Claims Tribunals

On behalf of the Small Claims Tribunals, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) on the occasion of her 20th Anniversary.

Since 1985, the Small Claims Tribunals fo the Subordinate Courts has co-existed with the civil courts as a cost-effective and easily accessible means for the public to obtain a just resolution of disputes, including disputes arising from renovation claims.

At the same time, the Tribunals welcomes the part played by bodies such as RADAC, which seeks to mediate such disputes without the need for parties to proceed to further litigation in the Small Claims Tribunals.

The Tribunals also welcomes RADAC's assistance in providing valued information to the consumers through publications such as the present directory.

We look forward to RADAC continuing to play a vital role in the dispute resolution process for consumers engaged in renovation contracts.

The Small Claims Tribunals wishes RADAC, its Council Members and Accredited Renovators the very best in the years to come.

Message from Mr Kwee Liong Keng
Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore

On behalf of the Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore (REDAS), I wish to congratulate RADAC on your 20th anniversary in 2006.

I am glad to note the commitment of RADAC and its Council Members and their voluntary contributions in regulating and upgrading the standard of renovation work in the renovation and decoration industry.

The annual publication of your directory, now called the Singapore National Registry of Accredited Renovators (SINGAROAR) has always been a good source of reference to homeowners. The useful renovation tips and pointers and the comprehensive listing of RADAC Accredited Renovators will help homeowners plan and select an ideal accredited renovator for their renovation. Singaporeans desire to have a higher standard of living should equally match a better quality home and environment in all strata of society.

I would like to see an increase of companies in the renovation industry to join the council. This will in turn, provide the assurance of quality work and high standards to the consumers when they appoint accredited renovators.

On behalf of REDAS, I wish RADAC every success in the future.

Message from Mr Raymond Chan
Singapore Institute of Arbitrators

On behalf of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, I would like to extend our congratulations to the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) on its 20th Anniversary in 2006.

RADAC, established since 1986, has contributed tremendously to the overall growth and standards of the renovation and decoration industry. In particular, by upholding the highest standard of conduct and practice in the trade, it has led to consumer confidence in the industry. The launch of the Singapore National Registry of Accredited Renovators (SINGAROAR) in July 2005 bore testimony to RADAC's continual pursuit of excellence in the renovation industry.

With a positive economic outlook in 2006 and the projected growth in the construction industry, I am confident that the renovation industry will ride the tide of growth and RADAC will be the main body to spearhead this growth for the industry.

Message from Dr Amy Khor
Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers

I am pleased to note that the annual publication now called the Singapore National Registry of Accredited Renovators (SINGAROAR) will be published in a larger and colourful format to commemorate your 20th Anniversary.

The publication will serve as a useful and user-friendly renovation and furnishing guide and reference to all new homeowners. Detailed classifications, comprehensive listing of RADAC Accredited Renovators, renovation guidelines, useful tips and pointers will definitely help homeowners to make their dream home come true.

On behalf of SISV, I wish RADAC, its Council Members and Accredited Renovators the very best in the years to come.

Message from Mr Lim Ah Bah
Singapore Renovation Contractors & Material Suppliers Association

On behalf of the Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA), I congratulate RADAC on its 20th anniversary.

Under the leadership of the Chairman, Farok Majeed and the many efforts of all council members, RADAC has over the last 20 years, contributed ceaselessly to the renovation industry through a series of activities and events launched at different period of time. Such activities and events include the publication of the annual directory, establishment of the Home Renovation and Decoration Agreement (RADAC Standard Contract), tied up with banks on renovation loan scheme, organise certificate course for accredited renovators, exhibitions, road shows, workshops, seminars and organised overseas productivity study tour for accredited renovators.

RADAC was set up with a mission to be consumer driven, quality driven and be a caring organisation to the community and commited to the continual improvement of quality management. In many ways, it has done well.

With consumers more knowledgeable and trend-conscious on their renovation work and expectations, we hope that RADAC will continue its vision to pursue a high quality standard in renovation work for Singapore homes at affordable cost.

I wish RADAC success in all future endeavors.


Message from Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman
Parliamentary Secretary
National Development

Renovation contractors have a key role to play in helping homeowners to achieve their dream home. They also need to provide quality and reliable workmanship and service to keep up with the rising standards of the global city that Singapore has become.

The Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) aims to ensure high standards of practice in the renovation industry. Started in 1986 as a watchdog non-profit voluntary body, RADAC has evolved to provide information and guidance to homeowners.

Going forward, RADAC can do more. It could help to uphold the professional standards of the industry by ensuring that its accredited renovators act responsibly and comply with relevant regulations. it should continue to play an important role in helping homeowners to resolve their renovation disputes through its mediation services.

To upgrade the professionalism of the industry, its accredited renovators should also upgrade their skills and knowledge through continuous education. There measures would bring RADAC a step closer to its vision to pursue a high quality of renovation work in Singapore homes at affordable cost.

I hope that RADAC will rise to the challenge and I wish it every success in its endeavor.

RADAC has consistently been educating the public on renovation matters.

Since 1994, RADAC has actively participated in the Upgrading Programmes Exhibitions organised by the various Town Councils. RADAC took the opportunity to inform the public of its role, activities and issues related to the renovation and decoration industry.

Other than the exhibitions held by the Town Councils, RADAC also participated in exhibitions held by other bodies, some of which are Luminaire Asia 98 and Soft Furnishing Asia 98. Both exhibitions were held at Suntec Exhibition Hall and were organised by the Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre (SICEC). RADAC was glad to have these opportunities to promote awareness of the Centre and to give exposure of its accredited renovators.

To upgrade the standard of the local renovation industry, RADAC has taken the initiative to organise overseas productivity study tour of the accredited renovators.

In 1992, RADAC tied up with the Housing Industry Authority (HIA) of Western Australia and led a group of accredited renovators to understudy the renovation industry in Western Australia.

In 1997, RADAC was honored to have the British High Commission, Commercial Section, to assist us in organising a study trip to London. RADAC visited the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), Export Action Centre for Building Materials (EAC), National House Building Council (NHBC), Decorex International Exhibition, London Borough of Ealing and Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). The delegation was exposed to the local sophisticated soft finishing industry, housing industry, mediation process of NHBC and the local building materials.

In conjunction with the aim of raising the standard of knowledge about renovation, RADAC has embarked on a series of educational talks and seminars for both consumers and renovators.

RADAC has tied up with established institutions and organisations to organise talks and seminars, to provide quality and useful knowledge to renovators. The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce was engaged to give a talk on the Impact of The Economic Crisis on the Renovation Industry. This equipped renovators with a better understanding of the actual economic situation.

A seminar on HDB Undertaking was held at Singapore Polytechnic to educate the renovation contractors and to explain on the rules and regulation in the Undertaking that they signed with the Housing and Development Board.

RADAC invited a lecturer from Ngee Ann Polytechnic to give a seminar on Sales & Marketing and Customer Service. About 80 accredited renovators attended the seminar. Many of them enjoyed the talk and was very enlightened by the lecturers' wit and tips in handling sales and customers.

Internet Explorer Workshops were organised to educate our accredited renovators on e-commerce so as to help the accredited renovators to keep pace with the advance information technolgy and to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Dialogue sessions with the Housing and Development Board on areas of discussion include recent renovation trends, use of IT for application of renovation permits and purchase of floor plan, etc.

The RADAC Certificate Course for SMEs was launched on 7 July 1996 with the purpose of upgrading the professionalism and standard of work in the renovation and decoration industry. It also aims to cut down poor workmanship which is the subject of about 70% of the complaints that RADAC receives and to strengthen the competitive capabilities of accredited renovators both at home and abroad. Approximately 80% of our contractors have attended the course.

The course covers topics such as labour and site supervision, noise levels, finishes and fittings, construction technology, legal issues and customer services. To ensure the highest standard, this 60 hours programme is conducted by consultant lecturers from the Singapore Polytechnic. The course also enjoys the maximum grant from the Skills Development Fund Secretariat. RADAC will continue to upgrade the renovation and decoration industry through proactive training and education.